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Name: Maroyee Chelemarozi
Born: 16 January 1974
Artistic education: Suratthani Rajabhat University
Work : Independent artist , paintings
Technique : Oil painting and paint with a trowel

Rozi is the international artist name.

Maroyee Chelem has graduated from the Art Academy Suratthani Rajabhat University of Southern region of Thailand 2002. After graduating , he has worked full time as an artist. He has exhibited in galleries in Thailand , UK, Dubai , Australia and Denmark . Now also Bø, Nordland , Norway .

Gallery Jensen met him the first time in his Gallery in Thailand in 2008 .

Maroyee works primarily with motives from the forest and motives are often interpretations of forest pictures – set from ” inside” . Bright colors characterize Maroyees paintings. He often uses orange and red hues in his paintings . He works only with oil colors, which are plastered on canvas – in his characteristic pointillist technique .

Maroyee live and work in in southern Thailand